Thursday, 12 April 2012

Chapter 2: Virtual vs Electronic Learning

Example of Electronic Campus
Electronic Campus 

An electronic campus can be defined as the campus that used the learning method with the new technology of the electronic learning. It is quite similar with the regular campus but it different in the concept of learning condition. An advantage of Electronic Campus is it gives students the freedom to choose courses they want to take and the colleges or universities at which they would like to take them. Students of e campus just need to login the system and click on the mouse to search for the work via the internet. It does not necessarily need the student to enjoy for the class duty but it is based on the student to work on their self.

One of the example of University which applied e campus                       

Just take example from the University Of Richmond. The university builds the system which is similar to e commerce. They created their own payment system. From the system, the students of this university are only need to logon to their system in order to pay for the fees for their semester fee, donation, bookstore, student’s cards and others. The result will directly be stored in the student information so that the campus will realize if the students are paying the fees on not.  

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