Thursday, 12 April 2012

Chapter 5: Browsing Stategies

Search Engines

Search engines is used in a way to find for any information via the Internet. Basically, people will open the website of this search engine to find for other unknown website. However, it does need only a keyword or phrase but not a long statement in order to make the process of searching to be easier. For instance, Yahoo, Google, and AVG search are the example of web search engines. The advantage of search engines is people do not need to use the money to use this web and it will save their time rather than reading a book to find information.
Example of web search engines

I work on a project to complete the task for the subject of ITE. I want to find more and details information about search engines. So, i turn to the web and type on the on the address bar. After the web appeared. I type a key word of "What is search engines?". Then, the informations of the search engines come out at the screen. I just click on the information that is suitable for my work. Finally, that is how i got information for the search engines.

How could we search information from the internet without web search engine?

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